Sunday, 9 January 2011

Welcome From Quentin And Mishka

Welcome to 'Meezer Siamese', the place to hear about the going's on and cat malarkey of my 2 gawgus kittens; Quentin, the Blue Point Siamese and Mishka, the Chocolate Shaded oriental.

Believe it or not, they are brother and sister, and are just 7 months old. Being Orientals they are highly intelligent, very inquisitive, often very daft, and can also operate a blackboard and chalk better than a 6th grade teacher.

I decided to start this blog on their behalf in response to comments I've had when posting funny photographs of them on Facebook and Twitter. I know they are entertaining but it seems others think so too.

 I hope to share some amusing photos with you, the odd video clip and will also be interviewing some other felines who's human slaves also happen to be my friends. Oh, and watch out for the odd famous cat!

Being a professional photographer, this blog will be mainly photograph based, so there won't be too much waffle to get through(thank God for that, I hear you cry).
 Chill out time(there's a lot of that).
 Quentin shortly after they 'came home'.

                                          Mishka(old frosty face).
So that's the first post. Coming up next, see what happen when the pair get hold of a blackboard and some chalk!

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