Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Swagger And Swoon - It's Milo Stepney

Milo, thank you so much for granting us this exclusive interview!

Can we start by asking who is your mum and what does she do?

My mummy's name is Annamarie...and as for what she does - well I'm not entirely sure, but she seems to spend a lot of time with something that looks alien-like in her hand - it' black and has an eye on the end - and it seems to point in my face ALOT and when she does it blinks and clicks rather loudly at me. To be honest I'm not a great fan of whatever it is!!!

When she's not driving me mad with the alien thing, she seems to either be sitting in front of her computer with a magic pen in her hand (which by the way I love lots as it means I can chase an arrow round the screen - great fun indeed, although not sure she's quite in to that game as much as me ;-)!

If she's not got the alien pen thingy in her hand, I can often find her talking in to a black shiny box....whatever it is, it makes her laugh a lot and can keep her busy for ages(I like this more than the alien, as she cuddles me and lets me sleep on her when she's busy).

Could you describe your looks and your breeding?

Mummy tells me that I'm gorgeous a lot and have lots of swagger when I stroll around the house, so I guess that makes me kinda cool - if you asked my mummy though she'd probably tell you that it's not always the case(between you and me only Jules, I've been know to miscalculate a few jumps and can be generally clumsy, which mummy seems to find hilarious and she teases me saying I'm seriously uncool!). I'm only a baby at the mo and my body is still growing at a faster speed than my head, but mummy tells me it's nothing to worry about, as I have all the makings of a very handsome chap indeed ;-) I can't wait as I'm in a lot of pain at the mo...my baby teeth are starting to fall out and my man teeth are growing in their place and so my gums are driving me around the bend...today I found myself  biting the glass table in the kitchen! Sorry Jules, I started rambling then...it's these teeth of mine, they are literally driving me crazy!!! So anyways back to the question....

Apparently I've been told by my furr mum and dad, Clio and William,  that I am a British Blue Shorthair, although thats a bit confusing as I don't think I'm particularly blue?!  Mummy tells me that my ancestors have 'blue blood' and that makes me a 'posh puss' whatever that means...all I know is that I love them very much and mummy sends lots of pictures to their mummy and they swap stories about us lots.

Who is the real Milo; sensitive guy, playful fool?

I'd say I'm best summed up as cute, purr-y and very mischevious. Mummy and daddy say if I was a human  I would most probably be a cross between James Dean and Bob Marley - which I think makes me a very cool kinda guy!! I like to purr a lot, play a lot, chill a lot and generally do my own thing... and I will let it be know if I don't like what's going down - like when I get put to bed every night, I cry really loud for at least 5 minutes...and when I hear mummy and daddy get up in the morning I do the same! Whatever it does it works as they come down and let me loose. Hehe!

Do you have a special place where you like to relax and take time from your hectic schedule?

I have lots but my favourite which she loves is when I carry my favourite toy(it's nothing fancy, just a long piece of string with sparkly silver wrapping ribbon tied on the end), which I carry up the stairs and into her office and drop next to her chair. The way I see it is that every minutes a play minute hey?!

I also do some mazing jumps that mummy says Mr Myagi would be proud of! I'm also known to pull the splits a few times whilst jumping to catch my toys(check me out in the picture mummy took today, cool or what?).

Last, but by no means least, is my ability to down a pint of Guinness.., Ok so it's not really Guinness and don't really drink it all...but I have to admit to having a special gift to track these down in the house. Whatever's in it, it tastes way better than what's in the bowl next to my food!

Your mum is a wonderful photographer, but are you a willing star or a reluctant muse?

Lets put it this way Jules..I humour her now and then, and she's quite relentless in her pursuit of me( I've overheard friends talking about this same problem with their mummies, seems she's a bit like the paparazzi - never knows when to give me a break!).

Your mum offers to prepare you a special meal, what would that be?

That is an easy one Jules, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fish - fish is the best! The only thing I don't like is mummy and daddy calling me 'fish face' all night after eating it! (Hhhmmm, it's OK though as I drink from their Guinness glasses when they're not looking). Heehee )).

Milo you are very young, but what would you look like in a Mrs Stepney?

Mummy tells me that she's the only woman for me, so I guess I've already got my Mrs Stepney.

Can I be rude and ask, are you planning to breed one day?

Ummm, I'm afraid Jules I don't know what the word 'breed' means, and when I ask mummy to explain she looked shifty, went red and asked me to ask daddy! (Note to self, ask daddy next time I see him! I wonder if it has anything to do with the conversation they keep having where daddy puts his hands over his ears!?!?)

It's quick fire time;

Litter or wood chip?

Litter, I love to flick it all around my bedroom.

Wet or dry food?

Dry, my biscuits are the tastiest ever, and mummy tells me they are good for me teeth too! Apparently I'm very spoilt as I also have freshly cooked fish or chicken once a week too!

Water from a bowl, fountain or toilet?

Oooh, this is a hard one Jules, my favourite has to be any kind of running water...whenever I hear it I gallop  through the house and take a running leap towards it... mummy and daddy find this especially funny! Other than that my favourite place is when it's in their Guinness glasses.

Bed or basket?

I love sleeping in my basket, and I love playing on the bed with mummy and daddy. Funnily enough mummy and daddy don't seem to fully appreciate  all my games here - OK even I have to admit that maybe lacerating the bed sheets whilst miscalculating the height of the bed and hanging on for dear life  as I fell towards the floor, may have been going a little too far! Although they don't ever get mad at me, mummy says 'I'm just too cute.' They are also not that into toe biting game, or the long jump game I like( I award myself special bonus points when I land on their tummy). Hee hee, happy days!!

Fur balls or fleas?

Fur ball - I'm all prepared for it. Mummy and daddy have grown me some special indoor cat grass though I have not had the need to use it yet!

Milo: What that's it? No more questions!?!? I was just getting into that. Well thanks Jules for the interview and I look forward to seeing myself on the web soon!

Big kitten love to Quentin and Mishka and you Jules you lovely lady...


Oh Milo, you old flatterer you! 

Annamarie's website can be found Here.

Thank you Annamarie and thank you Milo!

*Annamarie would like to make it clear that she and daddy are the bestest parents and Milo only ever drinks water...! Not a drop of Guinness ever has or will ever pass his cute furry lips!


  1. I've just shown my husband Milo's interview and he asked ' Is he an Oxford Blue?'. LOL. He did mean British Blue!

  2. So cute, I want a cuddle with Milo now!

  3. Haha Jules :-)

    Milo is very happy for any cuddles requests - and Eliza he says whenever you're in Sussex feel free to pop over and have one in person ;-)


  4. Ok I love your cat almost as much as mine- but shes also a british blue!