Tuesday, 11 January 2011

An Interview With Rachel And Henry Williams, The Rock 'N' Roll Cats!

For our very first celebrity cat interview we are thrilled to get up close and personal with Rachel and Henry Williams; The 'Rock N' Roll Cats'! 

Please start by telling us who your mum is?
Our Mum has pink fur and scribbles on her arms. We think she calls them 'tattoos' we're not sure but we think it's an awfully funny colouring for any kind of Kat (cat). She spends most of her day in front of her computer writing about weddings and talking to people on twitter. We heard Daddy say she is a wedding blogger and is pretty obsessed with it. Her blog is called Rock n Roll Bride.

1. Henry, describe Rachel to us?
Rachel make a lot of noise (well more than me as I hardly ever mioaw!) She is a maine coon too so she trills a lot especially out of the kitchen window when she sees a bird or another cat. She loves cardboard and will always chew it if she finds some. She also loves to sit on it! She loves to scratch wooden things (the chest of drawers and the back of the front door - much to Mummy's dismay) She spends most of the afternoon sleeping on Mummy & Daddy's bed and likes to drink water from the tap. She is the softest cat I have ever known (and there were a lot of us at the breeders!) We are not biological brother and sister but as she is 2 weeks younger than me I like to look after her.

2. Rachel, describe Henry to us?
Henry looks after me as I am much shyer than he is. He comes and sees me when I'm snoozing and licks my head. Henry loves playing with Daddy and lying on Mum's lap when she's on her computer. He also likes to sit on her desk, and walk in front of her computer screen which Mummy says is cute but annoying! Henry always does everything first. I'll watch quietly from the side and join in a bit later. Henry either lies down as he eats or bats the dry food around the kitchen with his paw and chases it before he eats it! He is a very funny kitten and is interested in EVERYTHING! Daddy said there are 2 types of things in the world "things that are Henry's and things that are not YET Henry's!" he is obsessed with straws and likes to carry things in his mouth. he once stoke a whole corn of the cob from Daddy's dinner plate and ran upstairs with it! He does the same thing with lettuce when Mum & Dad have fajita's for tea. He does 'kneedy paws' on Mummy every morning and chases Daddy's feet at the end of the bed when it's time to get up!

3. Do either of you have any quirky habits?
I think we covered it above! We both have big and very different personalities.

4. Where is the best part of in your house to chillax?
Well for Christmas, Mummy got a new chair for her office. It came in a massive brown cardboard box! it is amazing!! We adopted it straight away and like to sit on it in the middle of the living room. it is big so we get to sit high up and look down on Mum & Dad. It's also made of cardboard of course which is awesome! I hope Mum doesn't tidy it away too soon.

5. Guys, you’re well known and have a strong web presence, how does your mum cope with living in the shadow of your fame?
We keep telling her not to get jealous but she does! She knows we are much more popular than she is. Our photo shoots (she puts pictures of us up every week!) are very popular and Henry even got into her first video blog! 

6. Rachel, your mum asks if she can dye your hair pink for a day to help with a photo shoot, do you say yes?
Of course although I'm a bit shy with strangers or new people so I'd be hard to photograph. I am beautiful though - definite model material Mum says!

7. Henry, your mum has some really cool tattoos, if you could have any tattoo apart from your identity number, what would it be?
A portrait of Rachel because she is my best friend and my little sister.

OK, quick fire round;

8. Litter or wood chip?
We are spoilt and have the best cat litter in the world! Mum & Dad buy it because it can be flushed down the loo! it's genius apparently.
9. Wet or dry food?
We get both....again we are spoilt!
10. Water from a bowl or toilet?
From the tap please! we are maine coons and our breed loves running water. in fact we'll only drink out of our water bowl when the water is moving. Henry bashes the water bowl to make the water ripple first before we drink it. it always spills though and Mummy get annoyed..only for 2 minutes though as we are both too adorable to be mad at!
11. On top of duvet or underneath?
On top!
12. Flees or worms? Which would you rather have?
Erm...we dont want or have either thanks hehe!

Well Rachel and Henry, it's been a real privilege and a pleasure to have this rare interview with you this evening.   Could you please ask your mum if she'd let you have a 'double play date' with Mishka and Quentin next Friday?

Many thanks to Rachel and Henry's mum Kat Williams for allowing them to stay up late for this interview, and for providing the beautiful images for this post. You can visit Kat's site here;
Rock N' Roll Bride

Photograph of kat by David McNeil

All other images by Kat Williams.

Coming soon; Milo Stepney, Feline Muse and new kid on the block.


  1. Gah. Adorkable!

  2. Oh the cuteness.

    I do love a gorgeous maine coon! (luckily, they both are!)