Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Celebrity Cat Interview with The Bekkers!

Toffee, Coco & Roxy Bekker welcome us into their beautiful home.

Could you start be telling us a little bit about who your mum is?

Our mommy’s name is Heline. She stays at home with us while she works on her computer and plays with a clicky thingy that goes in a bag that we are not allowed to even touch.

Could you each describe yourselves for our readers.

Toffee: Sure, my name is Toffee and I’m the only boy. I’m also the oldest. Mommy and Daddy saved me from a very weird man where I slept on a broom in a dirty kitchen. So I’m very spoilt and I always harass mommy for food. I’m very good at that – harassing J Mommy and Daddy always laughs at me when I play with toys because I don’t bend my legs and they say it looks like sticks. I’m not allowed to bite my sister and when I get caught I run away. I’m very quiet and only meows for food. And if the food has been in my dish for longer that 1 hour, I will not touch it! I jump on daddy’s lap and pretend to sleep. It’s all part of my master plan to show them that I own them. You may give me kisses, but don’t touch my belly!

Coco: Hallo, I’m Coco. I’m Toffee’s adopted sister. Mommy says I look ‘main coon’. I’m very eccentric and sensitive. I love to sleep and Mommy says I make sleep look so yummy. I LOVE catnip! I go crazy sometimes especially if daddy puts the laundry basket out. I hide in it and attack the other two! I don’t like dirt and I like to look gorgeous! Mommy always brushes me so I look pretty. You may rub my belly and kiss me. PS: don’t touch my front paws!

Roxy: Hi, I’m Roxy and I’m the youngest. I’m a ginger girl. The vet says that I’m anti social! TUT TUT!!! I like being grumpy and I like to give everyone evil looks. I don’t really like to be touched. And please DO NOT pick me up, I might just die!!! Also I hate kisses. The more I try to put my parents off with my grumpiness, the more they love me. They say it’s ‘cute’ or something. But sometimes I give in and pretend to be cute to please mommy and daddy. The poor things, they love me very much.

What’s the neighbourhood like?

Mommy doesn’t let us out. She’s worried the Boogeyman will get us. So she & daddy had an outdoor playpen built for us that is connected to the house. They hope to one day move to a house with a secure garden for us. Oh, and mommy said she’d like to take us walkies on leads. Would like to see them try!

Would you say there is any friction between you, or are you just one loved up gang?

Toffee: No way!
Coco: What!!! You bite me at least once a week!
Toffee: Yeah and then you scream so loud that I get in trouble! You are no fun at all! Pfft…

If mum could create a signature dish for you, what would it be called and what would the ingredients be?

Biltong stew! Biltong is this yummy meaty human snack that originates from mommy’s birth land.

Have you heard of a human film called ‘X Men’? If you could be X cats, what would you each be?

Sorry, mommy is not sure what to answer. Maybe she has a fur ball stuck in her head!

Yes, that was a bit of a tricky one wasn't it!

 What was the best thing you ever caught and presented to mum?

Earthworms and spiders! But mommy hates the spiders :( Then we just play with them till their legs fall off!

Any plans to mate? Do you see yourselves having kittens?

No, mommy took us to the vet when we where kittens and we came home with a boo-boo. After that we didn’t have any  more plans.

OK, quick fire round.

 Litter; clay or woodchip?

Mommy buys us the best cat litter, it’s wood based cat litter, made from the finest plant fibers. Yes, we are spoilt and mommy says it’s easy to clean.

Rabbit or fish?


Furr ball or worming tab?

Furr ball

Water: tap or toilet?

Special kitty fountain and tap ;)

Wow, a special fountain? I had better not let Mishka and Quentin hear about that or they'll go off in a huff!

Thank you for sparing some time in your busy schedule.

The Bekker's mum is Heline Bekker, a talented photographer based in the South of England.

Visit her website here.

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